Reasons why girls are smoking

Do you ask yourself what could be reason why girls smoking nowadays.? Here are some reasons that may drive a girl to smoke. Smoking girls why? I know someone who quit smoking, drinking, and junk food. She was healthy until the day she killed herself. Smoking is a choice. There is dozen of reasons why girls smoke, but today we have some reasons why girls smoke.

Whichever ways you choose to enjoy in life, it does matter. What matters most is it fulling your desire. Everyone has the option to do what think is right, and that is a lifestyle. ” He who says he can and he who says he can’t, are both usually right – Henry Ford.” As I always say, this life is a journey, and no one can walk on your lane. Some view it as a monster to the community, but I ask myself why government and private parastatal continue to manufacture these smoking rolls. Is it just that they want to raise revenue? Why do girls smoke, anyone can smoke, but not everyone smoke. I do not wish to dig a lot of effects of smoking, but I want to answer you why girls smoke.

Girls Smoke For fun 

Most girls start smoking when they were in their teens. I have interacted with many girls who smoke. Some do it regularly. Others smoking is basic. 70% says it’s for fun they enjoy besides most of them are teen still at high school, colleges and university.

Smoking for fun, many may agree the fact that any form of the drug used against doctor prescription is missuses, but girls use it to intense their mood and enjoy it, whether it is wrong or right.

Girls smoke when they are with friends, not because it is a must but their parents or community does. This form of smoking does not necessarily mean cigarettes alone. I do consider any rolls ignites and puffs.

Essay to access 

Whether something is illegal or legal. Girls by nature, they can find it not matter the barriers that may hinder them. What they need is time, and they will bring it to you as ordered. Why not access cigarette, brunt, coco, Shisha, E-cigarette, cigar, pipes, roll your cigarette, hookahs.

I am not saying girls smoke all this kind of rolls am just highlighting. After all, no one gives a dime to the best smoker. When girls access this kind of zones, it’s easy for them to eager the experience. They are in all outlets, and some advertised in the newspaper, Tv shows, Ads billboards broadcast.


Girls hate being lonely, and due to this significant reason, some end up smoking. Every girl love accompanies, whether with their family or loved ones. When this miss, they may end up smoking; not all girls smoke because they are alone; it’s only some who like tobacco. As I say, caged or idle mind is a field of all nasty. Smokers girls love spending their time lonely to avoid being judged by family members or community. The best thing as a girl to avoid this is being open and socialized with people avoiding ca-cone life.

Girls Smoking for stress 

The ideology that smoking ease stress is called self-medication and the doctor does not prescribe it. Unfortunately, stress is profoundly affecting us when we feel unable to cope with challenges. Stress causes symptoms such as headache or make you irritated. Girls try to find a way to escape this form of anxiety and end up smoking even often than usual. As I say, we don’t solve the problem by running from them but facing them. Unfortunately, instead of smoking ease stress, smoking usually increases anxiety and tension. This feeling of relaxation is temporary and give away symptoms and later increase craving. So smoking may not be the best way to eliminate the stress it does for a short period.

Girls smoking due to peer pressure 

Studies show that girls interact with many different types of characters than men. Due to this fact, girls end up experiencing a harsh environment, and it becomes easy for them trapped and experience smoking anxiously. Peer pressure makes them feel they are began pulled in two directions. To avoid this peer pressure as a girl, you can; Set boundaries, know your friends, manage your stress, encourage independent thinking, get involved in useful tasks.

Cons and Impact of smoking

  • bad oral hygiene
  • unhealthy skin and hair
  • high risk of cancer
  • eyesight problem
  • the low and weak immune system
  • risk of pregnancy complication
  • fertility problems
  • heart disease
  • heart problems

The above points acre complication that may occur to a girl who consistency smoke. You can read more about this on health to gain more knowledge.


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